Finding the Best Downeast Maine Cottage Vacation Rental

February 15, 2023

Downeast Maine is a stunning region that stretches from Acadia National Park to the Canadian border, and is a popular destination for those seeking an authentic New England experience. The area is known for its rugged coastline, picturesque fishing villages, and abundance of fresh seafood, making it a paradise for nature lovers and foodies alike. The best way to experience the region is by staying in a Downeast Maine Cottage Vacation Rental!

Experiencing Downeast Maine

There are many other beautiful spots to explore in Downeast Maine. The Schoodic Peninsula, for example, is a lesser-known gem that offers stunning views of the coastline and is home to numerous hiking trails and picnic areas. Visitors can also explore the charming fishing villages that dot the coastline, such as Stonington and Lubec, and sample the freshest seafood anywhere.

One of the best ways to experience Downeast Maine is by taking a scenic drive along Route 1, which winds its way through the region and offers breathtaking views of the coastline and surrounding countryside. The drive is dotted with quaint towns and villages, such as Machias, Harrington, and Eastport, where visitors can stop for a bite to eat or to explore the local shops and galleries.

No visit to Downeast Maine would be complete without sampling some of the area’s famous seafood. Lobster is the region’s most famous culinary export, but visitors can also enjoy fresh clams, oysters, scallops, and other delicacies. There are numerous seafood shacks and restaurants along the coast, many of which offer stunning views of the ocean while you dine.

Booking Downeast Maine Cottage Vacation Rental

Ocean Spray Cottages provides a central hub to all of your Downeast Maine adventures. Our cozy vacation rental cottages provide a quiet, relaxing experience, while being just a short drive from all there is to see and do in the area. Plan your vacation, outdoor recreation adventure, or even a weekend with us!

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Things to do in Downeast Maine

Downeast Maine is a region of stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, offering visitors a diverse range of activities and attractions. Here are some of the top things to do in Downeast Maine:

  1. Go hiking – In addition to Acadia National Park, Downeast Maine is home to several other beautiful hiking trails, such as the Bold Coast Trail and the Schoodic Peninsula Trail, which offer stunning views of the coastline and surrounding wilderness.
  2. Visit Campobello Island – Just across the border from Maine, in Canada, lies Campobello Island, home to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s summer home and several other historic sites and attractions.
  3. Go birdwatching – Downeast Maine is a haven for birdwatchers, with numerous species of birds, including bald eagles, ospreys, and puffins, calling the region home.
  4. Attend a festival – Downeast Maine hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating everything from lobster and blueberries to music and art.

Visit the State Parks of Downeast Maine:

  • Cobscook Bay State Park – Cobscook Bay State Park is a unique coastal park located in Downeast Maine, near the town of Lubec. The park covers over 888 acres and features a diverse range of habitats, including mud flats, saltwater marshes, and rocky shorelines.
  • Lamoine State Park – Lamoine State Park is a beautiful coastal park located in Downeast Maine, just east of the town of Ellsworth. The park covers over 55 acres and features a long stretch of shoreline along Frenchman Bay, offering visitors stunning views of the surrounding islands and mountains.
  • Roque Bluffs State Park – Roque Bluffs State Park is a stunningly beautiful coastal park located just south of Machias. The park covers over 274 acres and features a variety of landscapes, including a freshwater pond, a saltwater marsh, and a rocky coastline. Visitors can explore the park’s hiking trails, swim in the freshwater pond, or relax on the park’s sandy beach.
  • Shackford Head State Park – Shackford Head State Park is a picturesque coastal park located in Eastport, Maine, the easternmost City in the U.S. The park covers over 90 acres and features stunning views of Cobscook Bay and the surrounding islands.
  • Quoddy Head State Park – Quoddy Head State Park is located in Lubec, Maine, and is one of the easternmost points in the United States. The park offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and is home to the iconic red-and-white-striped Quoddy Head Lighthouse.