Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe Joins Our Sons Lobster Fishing

April 1, 2023

You may recall a once-popular show on the Discovery Channel called Dirty Jobs. The show ran for 10 seasons and starred an adventurous host named Mike Rowe. Mike wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty while tagging along to some of the most grueling, messy, and often unenviable jobs in the country. Each episode features a different occupation, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the difficult and often under-appreciated work that keeps society running.

Mike Rowe brings Dirty Jobs TV Show to Downeast Maine

In 2011, Mike’s curiosity brought he and the Dirty Jobs’ crew to Downeast Maine to try his hand at lobster fishing with our sons, Josh and Jason. What immediately stood out to Mike was that the two brothers, who were 17 and 19 at the time, both owned and operated their own lobster boats; and what’s more, that they had been “lobstering” for over six years at that point!

Lobstering in Downeast Maine

As generations of coastal Mainers know, lobstering isn’t for the faint of heart; it takes commitment, drive, and a bit of luck. From constantly unpredictable weather to never-ending equipment maintenance, and that’s all before you realize that you need the lobster to do their part as well!

The Maine lobster industry is a vital part of the state’s economy and culture. Maine is the largest producer of lobsters in the United States, and the industry supports thousands of jobs and generates millions of dollars in revenue each year. Lobsters are caught in traps that are set on the ocean floor, and the industry employs thousands of fishermen who brave the rough seas and unpredictable weather to bring in their catch.

The Maine lobster industry is known for its sustainable practices and commitment to preserving the lobster population. The industry has strict regulations in place to ensure that only mature lobsters are caught, and that female lobsters carrying eggs are released back into the ocean. This approach has helped to maintain a healthy lobster population and ensure the long-term viability of the industry.

Maine lobster is prized for its sweet, delicate flavor and firm texture. It is served in high-end restaurants around the world, and is a staple of Maine’s culinary culture. The Maine lobster industry is an important part of the state’s heritage and economy, and is a source of pride for the people who call Maine home.

In just his short time aboard, Mike learned a bit about what it takes to be a Maine lobsterman. And hey, if he ever needs a job in the future, he knows how to reach us.

While not shown in the video above, the episode shoot ended back at Ocean Spray Cottages. Want to know how the story ends? You’ll have to ask about it when you come to stay with us. 🙂

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